I’m back baby!


For those who have followed me over the years at nicolermurphy.com – welcome to the new hangout.

For those who are new – Good morning and salutations!

This new space on the interwebs marks a new beginning for me. The past 18 months have been really difficult. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer in February last year. I then had my own brush, coming waaaaay too close to breast cancer and having to have a couple of operations as a result.

By April this year, I was approaching burn out. I had a real crash in confidence and wasn’t sure what to do. So, I took a break from writing to focus on myself, my health, my family (particularly Mum) and work. Thankfully, my fabulous publishers were well behind this choice.

Mum died in July. It was both a horrible thing and a relief, to know that she was finally at peace. She fought hard, but the cancer was the winner and it made the last few weeks of her life quite horrible.

As the time wore on, words bubbled into my head. Stories. In particular, finishing the novel that I’d got 2/3rds of the way through in the first few months of this year. And so, last weekend, I sat down and I wrote again.

It was glorious.

I have found in my life that I need to write. It makes me happy. It keeps me sane. It’s as important for my overall health as good food and exercise are.

So here’s where we’re at. Currently the fabulous folk at Escape Publishing are re-opening the files and looking at my last submission, The Making of Henri Higgins. It’s the second book of my contracted three, part of the Acts of Love series where I am using famous plays as the basis of my books (the first is Much Ado About Love, which came out in January this year).

Here at home, I’ve re-started work on The Importance of Being Ernestine, the third book in the series. I put down 5k on it last weekend, and would love to do at least 3k this weekend.

I’m still not back writing at full volume – I’m taking it easy, because I am still a bit inclined to crash out if I put too much pressure on myself. But easing back into it and feeling fantastic.

I’m back, baby!



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