Getting back in the swing

I’ve started working on getting fit again. Wooden SwingSince Christmas, I’ve tried to do something active every day. I’ve been using apps and a FitBit to create baselines of activity so I know what slovenly actually is and what being active is. I’m working out ways to add activity to the everyday, within the structures that you have  to deal with like work and housework and spending time with family.

At first it feels like you’re not getting anywhere, and then the habits you are forming become easier and easier to do. But you have to remain constantly vigilant, because it’s all too easy to get a little bit slack, and then get a whole lotta slack, and then you’ve lost all the gains and you’re back to being slovenly as a permanent state of affairs.

Writing isn’t like that for me. I can take a break, and then pick it up again and be back to where I was almost immediately. Is it because writing is a part of me, as vital as sleeping and eating, whereas exercise is a complete and utter pain in the arse?

Anyway, not only am I getting fit again, I’m back into writing again. Since Christmas I have done the edits for The Making of Henri Higgins, and have finished the draft for The Importance of Being Ernestine. Through the course of this year, I will be finishing and delivering The Importance and Making of will be published and I will be promoting that. There will be another novel finished too, although exactly what it will be is yet to be decided. I’m hoping to get some self-publishing done this year as well, since it’s been way too long.

I’ve developed a new plan for my writing this year, because I’m trying to keep elements of life that could cause stress under control. After the past few years, I hope to make this year as cruisy as possible. So I’m only writing on weekends and holidays this year and not trying to do it on weekdays as well. It will mean less words, but it will also mean less stress (and also that I don’t have to choose between exercise and writing).

When I do have a morning where I’ve got some spare time, I’ll use that to do promotional stuff cause I’ve done nothing about that for the past few years. Updating this blog regularly would be great.

It’s a new habit compared to the way I’ve run things for the past 4.5 years, but I have no doubt that I will keep it up because writing is part of who I am.

Progress report

  • Draft of The Importance of Being Ernestine completed
  • Notes made on new Claudine story

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