Flash Fiction Friday – Henri Higgins

It's back, baby! The plan is to have some small, free, purpose-written short stories for you on Fridays. If you have any ideas, then let me know. But Flash Fiction Friday is also about whetting your appetite for upcoming publications, and that's what today's is. On March 5, The Making of Henri Higgins is released … Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – Henri Higgins


Letting life get in the way

When I teach the Year of the Novel course, the first part of the course deals with establishing a writing routine. This routine needs to be something that works for you and your family and your life, but that also gives you the time you need to achieve what you want to achieve within a … Continue reading Letting life get in the way

Getting back in the swing

I’ve started working on getting fit again. Since Christmas, I’ve tried to do something active every day. I’ve been using apps and a FitBit to create baselines of activity so I know what slovenly actually is and what being active is. I’m working out ways to add activity to the everyday, within the structures that you … Continue reading Getting back in the swing

I’m back baby!

Hello! For those who have followed me over the years at - welcome to the new hangout. For those who are new - Good morning and salutations! This new space on the interwebs marks a new beginning for me. The past 18 months have been really difficult. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer … Continue reading I’m back baby!